Deadsquad – “Demi Logam Mulia”


This artist, Gilang P. Vergiawan (aka Praver Art Studio) is a real piece of work. For starters, let’s just get this completely out of the way – this artist is what we just call a complete hack. I have a feeling that I will be posting about him a lot on this blog, because I am just shocked at the level of theft that this artist is actually doing on literally everything he’s done. I don’t even need to write much about this one as you can see he stole concept art from James Cameron’s “Avatar” and added it to his piece without any adjustments.

Even his bio on his facebook page (as of this writing) is copied from a bio on another blog about surreal artist, Tomasz Alen Kopera.

“Gilang Praver was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1993. He attended the Indoesian High School of Arts in Bandung, where he deepen his knowledge of art. Tomasz he drew on paper, mix media art, photography, graphic design, custom lettering, and now he is struggling with his digital paintings. Realm, Fantasy, Dark, Mystism, Sci-Fi, Identity of Living Things, Universe are his inspiration. Each painting motivates thought, challenging our initial response. Sometimes darkness will prevail, at other times, light. He is celebrated in visionary art circles for his acute attention to detail, mastery of color and bold use of subject matter.”

Presented unedited, you can see that he even forgot to remove “Tomasz” from the text. The last sentence can then be googled to come up with this link, where you can clearly see the same text being used.