The Legendary Pink Dots – The Gethsemane Option


Once again, Joachim Luetke’s artwork for Obzen was wholesale cut and pasted onto this band’s album cover.  In this case, it is even more blatant than the previous example shown on this blog.  The artist in question doesn’t appear to have a lot of experience in design according to my research, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is plagiarism.
Most designers will try to  defend their choices in how they pull from their source images and sometimes they are absolutely in the right. For example, anything pre-1920s is considered the public domain and free for use. This is why you see a lot of Gustave Dore or Hieronymus Bosch pilfered for heavy metal art usage. It’s still pretty cheesy to take from those sources, in my opinion, but it is perfectly acceptable.

Taking artwork from a metal band’s release from 2008, however, does not fall into the public domain.