Spermasaurus Rex (artwork no longer used)


UPDATE 5/9/2018:
The band has written me and shown me proof that the artist in question has fully refunded their money and so this artwork should be considered “UNUSED”.

This is a classic case of an artist creating what I call a “Google Album Cover”. They just typed in “T-Rex” and took the first image they could find that worked with whatever idea they had for this cover. It’s taken without hardly any edits and completely ignores the fact that the original render of the Jurassic Park T-Rex is owned by someone – in this case Universal Studios. While it is considered fair use when something is used online (a Wiki, a meme, etc), using something like this for a commercial purpose like an album cover is a big no-no. Looking at the artist’s social media, it’s clear that they do this with a lot of album covers. Even if you don’t care about the legality of such a thing, I think most logical people would agree that this is a lazy cover.

Bands: Please keep in mind that utilizing artists like this can easily get you in a lot of trouble if the original copyright owner decides to be litigious. This artist is most likely bottom-of-the-barrel cheap, but remember that “you get what you pay for”. When you go that cheap, you don’t get an album cover that was created by someone with skill. You get an amateur that goes to Google and takes a dinosaur from Jurassic Park whole-hog. I think it’s hilarious that someone would actually pay money for this, personally, but it won’t be so funny if Universal Studios decides to flex those deep pockets on your band. The better idea is hire artists that create original art.